Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. Another aimless drifting off into space. Which is probably a good reason I am not an astronaut.

When one re-surfaces into one's life (the drifting stopped, at least momentarily) the familiar always looks refreshingly new, as if someone had slapped a fresh coat of paint on everything while you were gone. I feel a little like that today. And, in fact, my front door really did just get a fresh coat of paint this very morning, so how timely is that?

In this pleasant little spot of renewal, I am trying to shake off some unhappiness's that have been weighing me down for a long time. These are things related to the practical aspects of life, such as housework (see previous post) and paychecks and being visible and the general not-knowing when the giant meteor is going to hit earth and exterminate us all in a puff of dust. (Hmm. Dust again. See previous post.)

I am only good at one thing, which is writing. I am not excellent at it, of course, or I would be rich and famous, or at least I would be one of the people saved in a disaster movie, right? If I was also good-looking, that is . . .

No, I am merely good at what I do--but I still really want to do it. So maybe there are some things I have to shrug off, some issues I have to ignore, to get back to the core. From which I will eventually drift again, but maybe it is the motion iself, the movement back and forth between surface and center that is so important to the creative spirit. Sometimes it might even be called drifting.

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C.K. said...

I'm happy to see you back! And glad to hear you're shirking off unhappiness's. It can be hard not to get bogged down by those practical aspects of life - not to mention the economic doom and gloom gripping the entire globe, fears of wayward asteroids, imminent environmental disasters and bird flu outbreaks.

Lately I'm constantly trying not to worry about the state of the publishing industry - and the state of industry in general. But trying not to worry still feels exactly like worry so I'm obviously doing it all wrong! I think I need to follow your lead in shrugging things off. I'm really going to try!!